2 days in Nha Trang

I know I am a bit disorganised but who said I have to post articles in order? Nha Trang is actually the second city I visited in Vietnam (I couldn’t wait longer to show my favourite Hoi An 🙂 ). Nha Trang was anticipated for a loooong time and by “long time” I mean at least 12 hours, the time we spent on the overnight train from Ho-Chi-Minh city. I had heard we could find cockroaches inside our sleeper bed, which made me really nervous and I was up all night making sure none of them had the idea of coming near me! (I am not that adventurous sorry!). While I was keeping an eye on potential cockroach invaders that might surround me, I was surprised to see with my tiny iPhone light  a little rat running under my friend’s bed. Well, the least I can say is that she was asleep and didn’t seem to care about the rat, more the fact that I woke her up for “just” that. Ellie… IMG_2223

When we finally got off the train, checked in to our hotel, we went out to have breakfast by the beach…


Was it worth it? By the time I saw my pancakes coming, I knew it was! From Sailing Club + Great place and service!


A lot of Russian people are spending their holidays there thanks to a direct flight from their country. It is interesting to see that every restaurant/shop has a Russian version of their menu!









Living in a postcard! 😀

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