6 easy ways to increase your productivity

In our every day life, everything is going faster than before and the limits are more infinite than ever. In one click, you have the information you need. Quick and cheap.

We are responsible for what we do with our lives.

Nobody is going to check on you to make sure you are making the most of your days to achieve your own dreams and goals.

The famous Tony Robbins always says that we overestimate what we can do in one year but we underestimate what we can do within 5 years. I think this is very true and, in the same way, we tend to underestimate what we can do in a day because progress is not always visible on such a small scale. Increasing your productivity by 1% each day starts by changing some habits that you have in your daily routine. And if you multiply it by 365 times, a year, what is the result?

Let’s start with…

1.Planning your day.



As basic as it sounds, you should plan your day. Don’t sit at your desk without a clear idea of what you are going to work on.

It is important to visualize your day to know what steps you need to take today to progress toward your goal. Thus you will be efficient and won’t waste a single minute of your precious time.

Learn what works for YOU.

Are you an early bird or a night owl? You have to know when your energy level peaks. Organize your schedule around it.

If you dream of writing a book, for example, seeing it as a whole can be a huge mountain that will seem impossible to climb and you’ll be discouraged. If instead you split your vision into chapters or ideas, it will be (and will seem) a lot more feasible.

Let’s say you can allow only 40 minutes of your time per day to write and you decide to divide it into 20 minutes research and 20 minutes writing. One day you’ll write a page, other days you won’t be able to write anything useful for the final book. It can be discouraging to focus on a little step, but 40 minutes per day is a 20 hours’ work towards your final goal in a month of 30 days. Consistency is key!

2. Writing down your habits.

We all have those things we do automatically. Whether we check our phone as soon as we wake up or we snooze our phone 5 times before getting up, bad habits are things we include in our routine that considerably slow down our path. They don’t add any value to our life and they don’t set us up for optimal productivity.


Brendon Burchard, one of the most followed coaches in self-development and author of several NY times best-sellers, works on his morning as follows; 20 minutes of stretching, 20 minutes of reading to get his brain going and 20 minutes of planning his day. For him, checking his emails before allowing time for himself is living under others’ agendas.

3. Learning self-discipline.

You will have to learn how to waste no more time on low value activities and to work on the things you have to do in order to reach your full potential.

To be self-disciplined is to do the important things anyway.

Work: Declining an invitation to meet a project deadline.

Health: Cooking at home when you are tired and you could have a pizza delivered or going for a run even if it is cold outside.


4. Stopping complaining.

One of the most draining activities you can do to yourself.

A waste of time, no value; the best way to set yourself in a negative mindset.

And what happens when you’re in a negative mindset? Yes! Nothing good. 

5. Being picky about the people you spend your time with…

Choose them well and always make a priority of the quality of your relationships rather than the quantity – energies are contagious.

The people you surround yourself with have a direct impact on your daily life and thus, on your productivity. Again, nothing good is created with a negative energy.


Sometimes it takes a high level of motivation to get started, but if there is one thing you never regret doing, it is investing in yourself by exercising. Whether it is 30 minutes or 1 hour, you will reconnect with yourself.

Sometimes you get stuck or have a lack of new ideas. Go for a short run or jump on a treadmill, you’ll be surprised about the effect it has on your work once you go back to it. Never neglect your workout.

Once again, choose what works for you: do you prefer outdoor or indoor activities?

It will only work in the long term if it becomes a pleasure.


Thank you for reading this article about how to increase your productivity in 6 easy ways.

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PS: Yes, the featured image was just to get your attention. Going to the beach was not an advice to increase your productivity… Sorry !

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