Young entrepreneur, be prepared!

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Entrepreneurs inspire me. All of them. Those who pursue their dreams when they have kids to raise, those who have jobs on the side, those who work from home, those who have kept working even though their business was going down… All of them. They all have qualities that are very unique and inspiring. The courage to work toward their dreams. The self-discipline to do things anyway and to stick to a plan. The self-motivation and determination to get up and do the work on their own. The perfectionism, the over delivering and so much more.
I have tried to learn something from each entrepreneur with whom I have crossed paths. I am not an expert but I hope you will find this post interesting and even helpful.

Today, I would like to focus on what you will have to go through as a young entrepreneur. If you are yourself a young entrepreneur, I would love to hear your story! Feel free to message me and let’s connect!

First and foremost,

  • You are choosing a DIFFERENT path

You are choosing to say no to “the normal life”. By that, I don’t just mean the usual 9 to 5 schedule, I also mean a different path from your friends, family and environment. Some of them might not understand your choice. It takes courage to make the move and the environment, being so important, needs to be full of people who inspire you and support your choice. You will need it!

You think out of the box and this is a good quality. If you believe enough in yourself and in your project, this is more than half of what you need to win.

  • You have no credibility.

Or just a little bit. But more likely, at the beginning of your journey. You have to build it.

And components of building trust are…

– Always deliver on your promises. Especially when you published a deadline online.

– Over deliver and go the extra mile.

– Stay consistent and interact with your audience.

  • Learn from your mistakes

One of the most important things is to learn from what you did wrong and why it didn’t work. Making mistakes is normal. Failing as well. Sometimes it is good to put the ego in a box for a second and ask for advice and feedback from people who are more expert than you.

  • Network

You are your best advertisement. Always connect with people.

– Learn how to describe what you do in 30 seconds with the key words and what makes you and your product/service unique.

– Minimise the time you talk about yourself and actually listen to what people have to say, listen to what they do and why they do it. If you talk to someone thinking, “I am going to learn something unique from that person” – I can assure you that you’ll not only build a stronger connection with the person by paying attention to them but you will also learn from them.

– A good read about communication and charisma from Olivia Fox Cabane.

Pick an entrepreneur in your field…

… and understand why he/she is doing well. But do not compare yourself: “Don’t compare your foothills to someone else’s peak.” Kelsey Humphreys

  • Find balance in your routine and enjoy the journey.

Routine is key. On a previous post, I wrote some key points about increasing your productivity, from planning your day to exercising, it really is what you do with consistency that leads you to a better and more productive life.

You have to balance your activities to enjoy the journey in the long run. A hard part of it might be to feel like you are wasting your time whenever you are not working. This can be a lot of pressure especially when you don’t have income from other sources.

But in the end, the happier you are, the better your work will be. Who has ever delivered something good when frustrated or mad?

Allow time to yourself to disconnect with your work and enjoy the moment NOW.

  • You can’t do everything yourself

Early on, you will find out that you cannot manage everything on your own and you will have to delegate things to increase your productivity and not waste time. Someone is better than you at accounting or marketing? So just give the task to an expert.

  • Be stronger

You need a physical activity to build a stronger self. Since Mind and Body are connected, the stronger and the better you feel in your body, the better the outcome.

  • Patience

Youth and Patience are not always considered as working naturally together.

Being an entrepreneur means that you won’t always find instant gratification. It takes hard work, dedication, perseverance. “There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.”

Young entrepreneur, be prepared… The belief that you’ll have your own schedule and have more time off is simply not true. You’ll have to work more and without anyone checking on you to make sure you get things done.

You might sometimes feel alone. While everybody is out enjoying a party, you have to stay in and work. You’ll need support, so make sure you surround yourself with people who lift you up.

The good news is… it is all worth it!


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Young entrepreneur, be prepared!

Entrepreneurs inspire me. All of them. Those who pursue their dreams when...
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