A long weekend in Lisbon - What to do/ what to visit?

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Hello friends!

Here is the article about Lisbon where I spent a couple of days. My friend I was traveling with has a good Portuguese friend who showed us all around this colorful city. Ready?

We stayed in Bairro Alto ( @TheIndependente ) which is the center district of the city, recommended by all for bars and restaurants, – nightlife.

What to do in Lisbon?

A short list of things to do/ to go…

  • Baixa and Terreiro do Paço.
  • Castelo de Sao Jorge.
  • Take the train to Belém to visit this little town and -obviously- have some Pasteis de Nata.
  • Take the train to Cascais.
  • Have some beautiful views of the city – “miradouros”. (pictures below)
  • Parque Eduardo VII.
  • Time out market.
  • For the nightlife: Bairro Alto, Cais do Sodré, Pink Street…
  • Clubs: Urban, Main, Lux.
  • Visit some monuments: Aqueduto das Aguas Livres and Mosteiro dos Jeronimos.
  • Brunch café






Pour tous les goûts…



This beautiful view of Lisbon was taken at Miradouro da senhora do monte. Later this afternoon, we had a drink in a place called Chapitô, very close to Castello de Sao Jose. The view from this place is great too and the ambience is like nowhere else; bar, restaurant and circus school… we recommend!


Pink street – located in Cais do Sodré, is Lisbon’s urban project to rehabilitate this area.the architect decided to have the pedestrian street painted in a vibrant pink… that made me able to catch a beer bar, a pink floor, a yellow bridge, three dimension buildings AND… the ad that says “Open your world” in one photograph!


Lisbon has plenty of different colors for its buildings and its buildings have plenty of different colors for its mosaics. Lisbon would deserve an Instagram account for the beautiful door of the city such as the one for Dublin ( @thedoorsofdublin ) – just saying! 😀


Caitriona’s friend brought us to a local place to spend our Saturday night. We ruled Justin Bieber song saying it was to late to say Sorry BUT we were in trouble when being in the middle of all those people singing Portuguese songs. Though, we got a list of musics to listen to so, we just need to train a bit. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the name of it, let me ask for you!



Blue or grey sky, Lisbon is being all pretty…



The famous tram! So if you don’t have a friend to drive you around, don’t worry, trams are here to help you with the endless up and down streets of Portugal’s capital. It is not only very useful but very pretty, don’t you think? It adds something special to the city, we liked it!


Vis, apprends et passe le message.

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